Affordable Connection. Profound Transformation.

Value-Rich, Revolutionary Relationship Renewal!

Financial hurdles and busy schedules often sideline the urgent need for couples to address relationship issues, leading to deeper disconnects. But what if you could have a tool that seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle, is easy on the pocket, yet holds the profound effectiveness of in-depth therapy?

Welcome to The Communication Cure® - a revolution in relationship enhancement. Dive into an experience that's not just affordable but holistically transformative. Make a wise investment in deepening your bond, starting immediately.

two great Options to start with

premium monthly subscription


Your Monthly Subscription Includes:

Dynamic DIY Toolkit On a regular basis (several times a month), you will receive carefully curated content to view or listen to as a couple, paired with a guided Communication Cure® conversation. It's in these moments, through these talks, that your transformative connection is kindled and deepened. This isn't just information; it's the heart of the experience.

Transformative Conversations Dive into the heart of The Communication Cure® with guided discussions to have as a couple. Therapeutic results at home without the need of a third party. 

Vibrant Community Zooms Engage with a supportive community and explore weekly topics in depth.

Real-time Coaching
On-the-spot guidance, helping you navigate immediate relationship challenges.

Live Relationship Insights Benefit from observing TCC in action and learning from others' experiences.

Member Discount on Personal/Private Coaching Sessions
If you are a Monthly Subscriber we know you are committed to putting the work necessary for a satisfying, enjoyable relationship so we want to recognize that with a discount on any personal/private sessions you schedule.

Engaging Quizzes
Test your relationship knowledge and stay actively committed to growth.

Win a DatePerfect scores on quizzes can lead to a fully paid, memorable date (Up to $200).

Experience unbreakable connections, halt relationship drift, and continually discover new levels of joy and satisfaction together.



     The Communication Cure®  Quizzes Include:

  • Watch & Learn: Immerse yourself in short, impactful videos filled with stories that inspire and teachings that empower. (Typically under 2 minutes in length)
  • Quiz & Win: Score perfect on a 3-5 question quiz and be entered to win $100 towards your next unforgettable date, all while beginning your journey to enriching your relationships and understanding!
  • Earn More & Learn More: Boost your winnings up to $200 by engaging in easy tasks, sharing your knowledge, diving deeper into our content, and connecting with us on social platforms, transforming learning into a rewarding journey.

Kind Words About The Cure

"Fun! We enjoyed learning more about each other through the non-threatening, relaxed conversation."


"It opened different areas of our communication in a non-threatening way. I was very encouraged to see my husband open up." 


"Fun, enlightening, thought provoking, special."

We thought our communication was pretty good, until we tried The Communication Cure® and were surprised at how much had been lacking!  The way this resource weaves light conversation with more emotionally serious topics helped us to open up to each other in ways we never have.  We laughed and cried with each talk we had.

Aaron P. Husband & Father

It's a small miracle when all three of my kids agree on one activity, so I know they must have enjoyed it immensely.  Using The Communication Cure® fostered a unique intimacy between our family members that has been growing ever since. It's further evidence to me that all of us, old and young alike, desire relationship above all other pursuits... to know others deeply, and to be known.

Audrey H. Wife & Mother