The Communication Cure version. 2.0
Coming Soon!
Our v.1 30-Day Communication Cure Program is available
at a special price of $30.

What Participants Have Said:

"As a couple who has been through an affair, we both think this is a very helpful tool in keeping us connected.
If we had communicated the way this resource leads, on the topics it covers, we'd have avoided devastation.”

Aaron P. Husband & Father

At theCommunicationCure® the aim is simple yet profound: to help couples create unbreakable connection and growth in a DIY format.
Expect to genuinely connect, communicate, and live with newfound experiences of capacity, compassion, and joy.

"What a great concept!  As a family therapist that works with parents and their families quite a bit, anything that can foster communication in a non-threatening way is a good idea. Thanks for sharing such a great resource for families.”

Neil M. Award Winning Lic. Prof. Counselor