Why The Communication Cure

What Really Happens in Counseling?Do you know what goes on behind the closed doors of a counseling office?

What is that couple, trying to save their marriage actually doing? Are they lying on couches? Is the counselor or therapist doodling faces or cats on his note pad? How exactly is that marriage relationship being fixed?

What we do know is that relationship counseling can be expensive so whatever is going on in that office better be a pretty big deal.

Having guided over 350 couples through week long marriage intensives I can confidently answer for you the mystery of what goes on behind a therapist’s closed door. What’s going on is… a whole lot of talking! Were you thinking it was going to be something else?

Think about it, the relationship problems that can trigger participation in a series of therapy sessions are varied and the agendas could include helping a couple:

    • stop a divorce
    • survive an affair
    • stop arguing
    • improve a sexless marriage

Regardless of what the problems are, the solution ALWAYS requires meaningful communication between all parties. When the office door closes, if no one talks no one feels:

  • listened to
  • valued
  • understood
  • connected
  • hopeful

I have developed a technique and tool for talking that connects people and enables them to build the relationships that are important to them. Unlike the mystery of what goes on behind closed doors this website presents and provides exactly what you need to start improving your live and relationships.

I am very excited to offer the world a new way to experience communication!

The Communication Cure is devoted to helping you experience satisfying and meaningful relationships starting with the way you talk.  Try it HERE for FREE – your first talks are on us!

– Keith