Parents – Got Klout?


If you’re a parent of teenagers and don’t know what Klout is, you need to.

Klout is an app that “measures your influence on a scale of 1-100. The greater your ability to drive conversations and inspire action, the higher your score will be.” Of course this is all in reference to your social media use but what if there was a ‘Klout Score’ for parents?

Such a tool would measure how much ‘Klout’ or influence you have in your teen’s life; not how much control you have or many lectures you give but how influential you are in their life. Have you transitioned from being a parent that tells your teen what they have to do, to being a parent that influences them to willingly choose to do, say and think the right things?

If there was such a way to score our parental influence I wonder what the difference would be between how we score ourselves how our teens would score us. Why would they give us that score? Would increasing our influence score make a difference in our relationship with them?

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– Keith