Kids, Kites & Love

Kite & Child

What is required for a kite to soar?

I am certain the majority of you said, ‘wind.’ Let me suggest something equally important for great kite flying; an anchor.

You see, without someone holding the ball of string at the other end, the kite will never get off the ground. If it is in the air and the person lets go immediately the kite will begin it’s descent back down to earth.

In the same way, your child needs a parent’s love to anchor them in life so they can reach new heights and soar towards their potential.

How to be an anchor of love for your child:

  1. Purpose to spend time with your child where they are your sole focus. (aim for 20 minutes uninterrupted)
  2. Use your eyes to send them the message that you are glad to be with them.
  3. Incorporate some type of physical touch. Let them lean against you, put your arm around them or walk holding hands.
  4. Have a meaningful talk with them on the subject of love.
  5. Repeat often!

Oh yeah, the next time you have a good wind blowing take your child kite flying. Use the opportunity to explain to them how your love is and will be an anchor enabling them to soar in life.

Question: What have you done lately to show your child that you love them? Share an idea below and borrow one to use.

– Keith