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    Sharing, listening and talking are all part of how we communicate.  The quality of our communication determines our level of connection with one another. Without good connections, life becomes lonely, difficult and empty.

    The Communication Cure™ is devoted to helping you experience satisfying and meaningful connections starting with the way you talk.

    We look forward to being a part of your lives and engaging with you!  We invite you to test it out  sign in below and provide you with access to a FREE talk!

    Keith Dorscht
    Creator, The Communication Cure™

  • What is The Communication Cure?


    The Communication Cure™ is a patent pending technology and proprietary process that builds relationships by establishing heartfelt connections and guiding participants through experiential, interactive, meaningful conversations.

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  • The Team


    Creator of The Communication Cure

    Keith has invested 20,000 hours helping marriages and families heal, grow and communicate better. Keith has been joyfully married for 18 years and favored with six wonderful children.

    Hear more of Keith’s story, why he has hope for every relationship and how he became an expert in heartfelt connection and meaningful talk.


    A Team Effort

    Several companies and individuals have contributed to the creation and success of The Communication Cure. Learn more about them by clicking their name and visiting their website.

    Stanton Lanier

    Pianist of Peace

    Stanton’s stated mission, to offer “peace and rest in a hurried world,” is accomplished through storytelling, but not in words. His stories are told through instrumental melodies on the piano, transporting a global listening audience to that unique interior place that brings peace to each person’s life and circumstances. Visit Stanton at StantonLanier.com

    Wayne Shepherd

    Voice of The Communication Cure

    Wayne Shepherd’s voice is heard widely in Christian radio and television, as well as numerous audio books and special projects. With nearly 40 years of broadcast experience, Wayne serves a growing number of clients as a radio host, interviewer, VO talent, and consultant. Visit Wayne at WayneShepherd.net

  • Companies & Non-Profits


    The Communication Cure™ can help your organization in two ways.


    Working with your leadership and HR department.

    We can customize a package of relationship building talks that will support your organization’s mission and values while supporting employee relationships with our Couples and Family CORE talks.


    Building relationships between you and your customers.

    Our patent pending relationship building software is a unique tool that will engage with and acquire leads, generate revenue, educate, raise funds and promote your cause.

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    to Add The Communication Cure™ to your advertising, marketing, PR and fund raising campaign today.

  • Speaking


    Keith Dorscht Speaking-webKeith Dorscht enjoys getting in front of audiences to encourage and equip. Not only do attendees hear from a communication and relationship expert, after the event they are given private access to The Communication Cure™ site where they can build their relationships by practicing what they have learned.

    Keith has presented live seminars and conferences in the U.S.A. and Canada while reached out globally through television, radio and internet. Keith has spoken at marriage retreats, family camps and churches. He has presented to and is working with the US Army, non-profits, doctors, high school classes and volunteers.

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    I don’t know how he does it, but Keith does it!

    Humble, humorous and completely brilliant all at the same time. I still refer to the many pages of notes I took!

    — Dr. Wiebe

  • Consult with Keith


    Keith Dorscht, the creator of The Communication Cure™ is available to consult with couples and families in person or with an internet solution (eg.Skype).

    Inquire about these limited opportunities.

    My wife and I worked with Keith. Having been through multiple counselors in the past, I did not really have high hopes. However, Keith turned out to be phenomenal.  

    My wife and I eventually started referring to his office as the “magic room” because of the way Keith could get us to communicate with each other so effectively.

    Keith is the only counselor I ever looked forward to getting to see each week and I would highly recommend him to any family or couple in need of help or developing better communication abilities.

    -Mike C.

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    The Communication Cure’s™ aim is to provide relevant and impactful talks. Tell us what topic you would like help talking about and we will regularly choose one community submission, create a talk on that topic and provide it free to everyone.

    We look forward to receiving your suggestions!
    Submit your talk topic here.

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    We know how to get people to really talk about your company, product or cause!

    Whether your goal is to market your company, build awareness of your cause or sell your product/service The Communication Cure™ will provide with our patent pending communication tool and customized talks that will engage current/future customers and clients.

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